It is a New Year and most of us are setting goals and intentions to eradicate unhealthy habits and nurture healthy ones. The most common resolutions are aimed at bodily health. There are also meaningful ones that penetrate us on a deeper level through our refinement of our mental, spiritual and emotional habits. As yogis, we see these deeper layers of health as the foundation to nurturing new habits for our physical well-being.


When we work with this level of transformation, it takes a lot of "Yatno", or effort. It is also crucial to want something that will last longer than a few weeks or months. At Yoga East we strive to offer daily classes, workshops and events that give students the opportunity to go deeper and make long lasting changes that support their overall well-being.


Desikchar reminds us "The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and relationships." We look forward to sharing in your transformation this year!



Kimberly and the teachers of Yoga East




     Deana and Rett hanging out at
     the hospital.

     One of our Yoga East teachers/community members, Deana, and her husband Jim, recently learned that their precious six-month old son has an extremely rare type of cancer. This is going to be a difficult batte for them. Many of you have asked how you can help. The two easiest ways:
Donate to Rett's medical fund. Rare cancers involve experimental treatments that are often not covered by insurance. Any money not used for his medical care will be re-donated to cancer research and to help other families fighting the good fight.

If you're local and would be willing, consider signing up for the Meal Train, a site where we can coordinate providing meals for Jim and Deana. (Rett's still a big fan of milk.)

Jim and Deana are so grateful for the prayers and well wishes they have received so far and thank you for your continued support.



Yoga East was blessed to host Bhavani Maki, a woman who exemplifies the Sutra III:34, Pratibhat va sarvam. A must-read: The Yogi's Roadmap (by Bhavani Maki)

Thank you, Bhavani and yogis! Thank you for coming together and bringing forth and sharing your love for the yogic tradition this weekend.