At Yoga East it is one of our highest goals to promote consciousness in individuals around our local and global community. We encourage such contemplation through our commitment to Sadhana, (Spiritual Practice), support of our Sangha (Community), and connection to Seva, (Serving the divinity in everyone and everything).

In a time when we can feel hopeless and frustrated, Seva creates a light in the darkness. As yogis it is our practice to observe the polarities in ourselves and around us. Now, more than ever our resources need to be spread amongst us.

We promote sustainable living, are an active member of the Seacoast Local and SATYA. SATYA is the host for the Annual Seacoast Yoga Mala to benefit (H)EAT and SNAP, Free Yoga in the Park and the Annual Karma Cleanse to benefit Share our Strength and many other events to benefit children, families, and the environment.