Ayurveda Day Retreat
with Betty Moylan and Lauren Varney

Saturday, June 17th



$85 by June 7th
$100 after June 7th

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Would you like to learn more about Ayurveda?
Consider immersing yourself in a day of self exploration through the lens of Ayurveda.


Ayurveda is an ancient practice known as the "Science of Life". It connects our bodies and minds back with their natural rhythms to create balance and serenity. If you have a desire to assist your body in its own unique healing process, then this is the place to start.


We will explore some basic Ayurvedic concepts: qualities (gunas), dosha balance and imbalance, causes of disease, stress management, daily self-care (dinacharya)and seasonal self-care (ritucharya), along with meditation, pranayama, and yoga practices to balance agni (digestive fire).


There will be demonstrations, "how to" learning to create your kitchen "medicine cabinet" and exploring solutions to suit your individual needs.


Ayurveda inspired lunch and snacks will be provided.



Betty Moylan is a registered yoga teacher, an Ayurvedic consultant and educator, and a licensed massage therapist. Her practice, Refuge Healing Arts, has evolved as a result of her own healing and awareness journey through the three modalities of yoga, Ayurveda, and massage. Yoga strengthens the body and calms the mind. Ayurveda teaches about right diet and seasonal routine. Massage enhances all bodily functions. Specializing in Ayurvedic bodywork, she uses the treatments to help balance the governing energies of Vata, Pitta and Kapha - the body's innate systems of communication (nervous system), transformation (digestive system) and structure (musculoskeletal system).


Lauren Varney is the owner of Ayurveda Seacoast Corp. She is an Ayurvedic consultant and educator and has many years of self-study in Ayurveda, nutrition, health and fitness. She is also a licensed occupational therapist and certified yoga teacher with a focus in Ashtanga Yoga.


After some time working in a medical setting, Lauren was inspired to change the way healthcare is received, focusing on more prevention versus management of disease. Lauren works to integrate the ancient teaching of Ayurveda and Yoga into our modern culture using her western medical background in hopes to educate and encourage change in the community.




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