The Yogi's Roadmap - The Patanjali Yoga Sutras as a Journey to Self Realization
July 18th - 20th

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9-11:30am & 2-4:30pm






Individual Sessions: $60
You can pay for any combination of sessions you plan to attend.
(Fri am, Fri pm, Sat am, Sat pm, Sun am, or Sun pm)




The Yogi's Roadmap and the possibilities of prana!

 Maharishi Patanjali describes the purpose of life as bhoga, evolution through experience, and apavarga, involution to liberation. He extols that our progress is determined by the depth of our interest, and that the process and the experience of Yoga as samadhi are one in the same.


Join Bhavani in the weaving of yogik practices with Pantajali's teachings to rediscover the art of pranayama and Yogasana, and the relationship between energy and matter as a means to meta-physical transformation.



About Bhavani Maki

Bhavani has been immersed in the yogik tradition for over thirty years, and has taught Yoga, Yoga psychology and philosophy for twenty years. She has made numerous trips to India to study with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Samskrta with Professor Narayanacharya. She studied Ashtanga Yoga with Baba Hari Dass of the Mount Madonna Center and the Patanjali Yoga Sutra with Rama Jyoti Vernon. Bhavani offers yoga classes, intensives, and teacher trainings internationally and her home is on the island of Kaua'I where she runs Yoga Hanalei.




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