Anna Koriath

Anna is a gifted instructor and we look forward to her classes every week. She ensures that every person in the class understands each posture, movement and breathing, makes gentle adjustments, and generates a warm and welcoming environment. Anna’s deep knowledge of yoga, shared insights from her own practice as well as workshops, and her delightful sense of humor are highlights of every class.
— Bruce and Abby Hutchinson

Anna Koriath began studying Ashtanga Yoga in 2005 at Dover Yoga.  Since then she has been blessed with the opportunity to study with many wonderful teachers including David Williams, David Swenson, Nicki Doane, Eddie Modestini, Bhavani Maki, Kimberly Dahlmann, Jason Varney, Kathy McNames, Josh Summers and Jonas Zev Amberger.  

While she is grateful to have had access to so many powerful instructors, the majority of her study has been self-directed.  One of the qualities that initially drew Anna towards Ashtanga was the emphasis on and ease with which the system translates into self-practice.  She is still a firm believer in the power of all those years she spent practicing alone in her bedroom.

She began teaching in 2015 as a natural extension to her commitment to the practice.  She has found that supporting students on their paths has been an immense source of joy, fulfillment and education.

Anna brings compassion, humor and a deep respect for the tradition of yoga into each class.  She loves chanting, laughing and hands-on adjustment.

Anna holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of New Hampshire in Poetry.

As a teacher, Anna finds the perfect balance between humor and seriousness, and she has an infectious, non-pretentious enthusiasm. She knows ashtanga practice is both challenging and exciting, and encourages wide and deep discussion. She is super strong, patient, and knowledgeable. She’s also a very cool lady!
— Alix & Shawn