Class Descriptions


We understand it can be a challenge to figure out where to begin your journey into yoga. Start with the foundation and a relaxed pace with these classes:

Gentle Yoga

Enjoy a slower paced class? These classes use long holds and meditative techniques to release stress, increase range of motion, relax muscle tension and ease joint stiffness.

Active Yoga

Our most popular mixed level class builds strength, stamina and flexibility. Be prepared to sweat and flow with your breath through a creative sequence of postures.

Traditional Series

Ashtanga Yoga is a classical hatha yoga practice where the breath is set to a sequential series of postures. Full proficiency in all asanas is not necessary but consistent practice is encouraged.

Family Yoga

We believe that the whole family can benefit from yoga! Start your journey with Pre/Post Natal and continue to share with your loved ones for years to come.

Supporting Practices

Restorative, meditation, yoga for cancer, yoga sutras and more.

Traditional Ashtanga Yoga

Traditional Ashtanga

Classes celebrating the Ashtanga tradition include led classes Basics, Vinyasa, Primary Series and Second Series, which are available every day. In addition, we offer guided independent study classes called Mysore 5 days a week.



Mysore classes are taught in the lineage passed down from Sri. K Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India and are the traditional way of learning Ashtanga yoga.

Each student works at their own pace and level with an individual series or therapeutic approach. The teacher is present to adjust, support and assist each student one on one within a group setting with sequencing, breath coordination, and postural alignment. Each student develops a self-practice they can have for life.

This class is open to beginners and all levels of students. Students wishing to begin a Mysore practice must first take the Introduction to Mysore course or have the teachers permission. Drop-ins are not permitted.

Arrive and depart any time during the Mysore session.

Studio opens at 6:00 am Monday -Friday.

Mysore Etiquette (know before you go)



Perfect for the student new to yoga and Yoga East, this class covers the fundamentals of Ashtanga, including breath, movement and postural form. Precise and methodical instruction is given at an even pace to allow for a deeper understanding of alignment and breath. Sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses and beginning backbends are introduced. 

Basics I begins with foundation and Basics II refines & deepens the principles of Ashtanga yoga with an introduction to modified inversions.

We also regularly offer a four-week Ashtanga Beginner Series, the perfect place to start if you’re brand new to yoga.



Vinyasa classes are a mixed level class based on the principles of breath and movement. This class offers an improvised sequence of postures from the Ashtanga system in a shortened form. The pacing is steady and dynamic with an introduction to more advanced posture and deeper subtlety and form. These classes are a wonderful complement to any student's practice who is looking to deepen their focus and experience a well-rounded practice.

Primary Series


The entire primary series of the Ashtanga system is taught in its traditional format. The focus is on the meditative flow of breath and movement (vinyasa). This class focuses on the execution of breath transitions, sequence of postures and internal and external form. Pace is dynamic and steady. To stop half way at Navasana in the sequence is called "Half Primary". Some familiarity with Ashtanga is suggested.

Second Series


The Second Series is known as Nadi Shodana, which means "nerve cleansing". This series focuses on the energetic regions of the spine, pelvis, and hips. Experience traditional pacing and vinyasa of Ashtanga's intermediate second series. Students must have experience with second series in the Mysore classroom up to eka pada sirsasana.

Child & Family Yoga

We offer a variety of classes for families, including pre/post natal yoga, mom/baby yoga, toddler yoga and teen yoga.

PrE / Post NataL


6 Week Series  |  Wednesdays  |  5-6pm
Fall Sessions:
September 18th- October 23rd
October 30th- December 11th (no class 11/27)

Full Workshop $84 | Drop-in Class $18
*This is a paid extra series & is not included in memberships or class cards.

Ground yourself in a pre-natal practice where you can tune into your body and breath, connect with community and embrace your pregnancy journey.

This class will address the needs of the changes that occur during all stages of your pregnancy through birth. This supportive class will focus on breath awareness, gentle stretches, and specific poses for the mothering vessel. Restorative poses will soothe your spirit and encourage you to trust your instincts and connect deeply with your growing baby.

Instructors: Nickie Bolger & Valerie Fagin



6 Week Series I Tuesdays | 4:30-5:30pm
Fall Sessions:
September 17th- October 22nd
October 29th- December 10th (no class 11/26)

Full Workshop $72 | Drop-in Class $15

5th–8th Grade

This class provides an opportunity for pre-teen girls to experience the wonders of yoga and learn the practice of yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques, and meditation. Your children will discover that they can develop physical strength and stamina, greater emotional stability, and a strong sense of self. Their journey will lead to self discovery, help them develop a positive body image, self love, and confidence.

The girls are encouraged to share their ideas, ideals, and dreams, and support each other as they learn and grow in their yoga practice. Each child will receive a journal and have an opportunity to share their artistic side through in a group selected craft.

The friendships formed in class and willingness to share their selves with our community, encourage generosity and compassion for others, all the qualities of a yogi. The girls quickly realize that the more peace/kindness/caring they share, they are shown the same peace and respect in return.

YE- 89.jpg


Support your yoga practice with meditation, Yin Yoga, Ayurveda, and private instruction.



The Yoga Sutras—far from an esoteric text—present a practical manual for Yoga. Though thousands of years old, the teachings of the Yoga Sutras are as relevant today as in ancient times. Traditionally passed down orally, the practice of chanting the Sutras together connects us to the lineage of yoga and to each other. Intentionally succinct, the Sutra is a collection of 196 aphorisms which can inform and deepen our connection to our practice and ourselves.

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Guruji is quoted to have advised that the method for Westerners to learn the Yoga Sutras was to "read ten translations ten times." While not mandatory, you are encouraged to bring any translation of the Sutras. Differing perspectives and interpretations serve to broaden and illuminate our understandings of each Sutra and how each Sutra weaves into the next.

Instructor: Laura Brogan

Yoga and Cancer


with Lana Vogestad  |  Thursdays  |  5-6pm | Free

Classes will include yoga postures, flowing movements and pranayama (focus on breath) to help students achieve relaxation and mobility in everyday life. Conscious effort to link breath with movement helps relieve tension and helps students gain flexibility and improve strength in the body and mind.

Cancer survivors and caregivers are welcome to participate in this class. No yoga experience is necessary. This class is free and supported by SATYA.

Yoga for longevity


Aging gracefully is an art and a science! It requires maintaining strength and enhancing flexibility to be able to move through life with ease, comfort and contentment. In this class the goal is to work smarter not harder by accessing the wisdom that comes from within. Individual needs are always addressed and props are used to allow for deeper exploration of the postures.



Yin Yoga is a deep and still practice, using long holds to lengthen and stretch the connective tissues of the body, remove energetic blocks, and increase circulation. Gravity is utilized, rather than props, to help intensify stretches naturally. The origins of the Yin practice date back thousands of years and have roots in Daoism and Hatha Yoga. In modern times, Yin Yoga has been prominently advocated by Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers, who learned the practice from Paulie Zink and Dr. Motoyama.

Yin Yoga is an ideal way to prepare the body to sit for meditation.



Restorative yoga is a practice of entering yoga postures using a variety of props to support and stabilize the body and promote relaxation and renewal of body and mind. This practice is appropriate for all levels—beginner through advanced.

Restorative yoga is a powerful practice from which everyone can benefit by incorporating self-care into your life and ease your stress. You will leave refreshed and inspired to meet your life with gentle ease.



It has been said that the most advanced posture in all of yoga is sitting still. This class invites you to prepare your seat through pranayama, chanting, and basic meditation techniques. From there, we just sit, allowing that stillness to penetrate our being and do its work. Simple in format, this class offers a process that facilitates nurturing the heart, getting rid of restlessness and negativity, and freeing ourself from expectations and the many identities of life.

An essential practice, we quote Nancy Gilgoff when we say, “Developing asana without meditation is like building a house on quicksand.”



Ayurveda, the "wisdom of life" is the 5,000 year old medical system of India that recognizes each individual as unique. By creating a deeper awareness to see who we are and how we function, we can reestablish clarity and well being and reduce stress, one of the main causes of disease today. This is accomplished through better food choices, daily self-care practices and lifestyle choices, and physical exercise—including yoga! Individual private consults may be booked with Betty at anytime throughout the year and ayurvedic workshops are regularly offered.



Yoga East offers one-on-one sessions for all levels of students. Privates lessons are for students who are interested in beginning yoga or looking to deepen their practice.  

Private instruction is useful for:

  • Meeting individual goals by refining particular aspects of practice

  • Starting yoga for the first time

  • Working with an injury or physical limitation

  • Concentrating on individual needs without the group distraction

  • Deepening your practice through philosophy, meditation, alignment or other personal intentions. 

Average price: $100 for one session or $360 for four sessions  

Price may vary according to teacher and/or location desired. Sessions must be used within one year of purchase.