Community Class

With the 2017-18 Teacher Trainees
All levels class
Sundays 430-530

Donations accepted for the following organizations
Footprints Food Pantry  January Classes
Rett's Roost February Classes
Blue Ocean Society March classes

Please join the 2017-18, 300 Hour Teacher trainees as they share their love and passion for yoga through a one hour all levels class. 

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January 14th Kim Nietupski
I am a nurse living in Western Massachusetts and have been practicing Ashtanga yoga for over 20 years. I had the good fortune if meeting Kimberly in 2014 and have been refining my yoga practice through her workshops and teacher trainings. Yoga East has become my home away from home. Many of the faces of Yoga East are familiar. I look forward to sharing some of my journey with you.

January 21st Meagan VanHoogen
This Advanced Beginners class with Meagan may be basic, but certainly not easy, students will enjoy breaking down standing poses against the wall and getting a little sweat going. Props such as blocks, bolster and straps will be used creatively as an aid to go deeper into the poses focusing on proper alignment. Please come along and have fun while playing around with some tips and techniques to go deeper into your practice.

January 28th Martha Stolzer
Martha has been practicing at Yoga East for over 10 years. Since retiring from 28 years as a small business owner, she developed an interest in seeing how yoga might help those struggling with all forms of addiction.  She believes that recovery will be enhanced by addressing a disease that affects the body, mind and spirit with a practice that heals the body, mind and spirit. She is currently enrolled in the 500RT yoga teacher training at yoga east, and has also trained to be a facilitator of  Y12SR groups, which use yoga and the 12 step philosophy to aid in recovery from addiction and relapse prevention.

February 11th & March 4th Michelle Verdi
Yoga makes me feel joy!  I have been studying and practicing movement for most of my life. Finding Ashtanga and Yoga East offered me a foundation for svadhyaya (self study), through posture and breath. Through this lens I practice, explore obstacles, and find peace. I am elated to share my joy for yoga, and the many gifts I have received from this practice, and my teachers, with others.

February 18th Denise Tinlin
I aim to give my students an awareness to experience their mind, body and soul , both on and off the mat . To encourage a focus on breath as a way of being present. I believe connecting with the spiritual side of yoga through meditation is  key to contentment and happiness. That every person is unique and should be seen , heard and kept safe.

February 25th Erin Compton
For a decade and counting, Erin has been deepening her relationship with the multi-faceted practice of yoga. As a new, young mother when she first stepped foot on a mat, she was convinced that yoga was meant to be a daily part of her life. In 2012, Erin took a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Jacqui Bonwell in Portland, Maine - with the intent to gain more knowledge, empower her own students and transform their lives through mindfulness, discipline and dedication. Since then, Erin has continued her education in this field by becoming Trauma Yoga certified, Y12SR certified (yoga for addition and recovery), as well as Yin Yoga certified. Erin is currently taking her 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Kimberly Dahlmann at Yoga East in Kittery, Maine.  Erin’s passion is offering service yoga to the recovery population.  As a lifelong athlete(gymnast), her body and mind resonate with the way yoga assists with mental, physical and spiritual aspects of life. Her humor, heart, spirit are vibrantly expressed in her teaching

March 11th Marcia Kramer
My yoga journey started in 2000, with an intention to change my high stress/anxiety levels to becoming healthier physically and mentally calmer. Transformation evolved from what seemed impossible to possible and continues to grow, as I study and learn from many great master teachers, guiding me with asana (“practice”), philosophy, and supported with meditation and pranayama practices for a healing process from the inside out. I love sharing the lineage of yoga, helping people with busy lives find calm, learning and remembering to move one’s breath in the body to heal issues hidden in our tissues, bringing flexibility, strength/softness, and peace of mind for your own personal journey. All student levels are welcome in my classes, so you can access your personal practice through breath, body, and movement, and attain your “aha moments.”

March 18th Mary Rice
When Mary Rice began attending yoga classes 13 years ago, she did not realize that the practice would quickly evolve from a physical practice to something much greater and deeper. As the layers are peeled away, a profound sense of peace, wisdom and joy is revealed. Mary’s physical practice has expanded to the other limbs of yoga, and she especially enjoys studying the Yoga Sutras. Mary brings her passion for yoga into her teaching, and she is sincerely grateful for those teachers who have walked the path before her, for her present teachers, and for her students.

March 25th Justyna Benton

Justyna’s love for the Ashtanga yoga practice stems from an innate desire for movement, repetition and challenge. She is equally drawn to the exploration of asana, pranayama and meditation, believing that they complement and support one another, and the greatest gains can be achieved by embracing all three of these practices. 
She found her way to the daily practice of yoga while pregnant with her second child, when the necessity of finding a calming, relaxing and breath centered routine forced her to venture out of the comfort zone of running and gym oriented activities.
Justyna is passionate about providing a sustainable and rewarding practice that is suitable for everybody, with a keen eye on alignment, breath and movement connection and, ultimately, finding ease and inner calm.

February 4th and April 8th Celina McMichael
Celina is an avid yogi as well as first grade elementary school teacher, mother of three and recreational athlete.  Celina has a strong passion for movement based meditation on and off the mat.  Yoga has been the outlet to create strength, balance and sustainability in her life for nearly 20 years.  Celina loves seeing her students discover the benefits of yoga and aims to deepen their knowledge each time they step onto the mat.