Donation Based Classes

All Levels Ashtanga & Yoga Nidra
with Anna Koriath

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Promoting Peace Conciousness
with Kimberly Dahlmann
Wednesday, December 19th

$25 Suggested Donation

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Join Anna Koriath for a 60-minute All-Levels Ashtanga Yoga led class followed by a 30-minute Yoga Nidra to benefit the Trini Foundation, a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction through the powerful tool of Ashtanga Yoga.
September is National Recovery Month and a perfect time to come together as a community to increase awareness and understanding surrounding substance abuse and offer hope to those who are suffering. The class will be an active, breath-based, foundational Ashtanga practice followed by Yoga Nidra, a guided practice in deep relaxation. You are welcome to come for only one part or for a truly sweet Sunday afternoon, stay for both!  If you are coming for the Nidra only, please be ready to enter the classroom at 4:25 so that we have plenty of time!

More information on the Trini Foundation

Join Kimberly in the exploration of finding peace.  Every day, every moment, every action, every reaction we make a conscious (or unconscious) choice about the way we live in the world.   Choosing peace is our willingness to accommodate and make room for our differences within us and around us.  

In this candle light class we will use peace mantras, meditation and a deeper understanding of how to use our practice to promote more peace in our day to day life. Take time to pause and reflect this holiday season on the biggest gift we can give our self and others.

All Donations will go to SATYA, a non-profit with a mission to increase access to therapeutic yoga for at-risk and vulnerable populations in our Seacoast community.