Betty Moylan, 200 RYT

I have found great relief for my mind and body from taking Betty’s classes. Her mellow voice and the care and thought she puts into her routines leave me with complete confidence in her skills as my teachers and mentor. At my first class I learned to ‘be present’, those words are my mantra for life: thank you Betty.
— Ann Grinnell

Betty Moylan is a registered yoga teacher, an Ayurvedic consultant and educator, and a licensed massage therapist. Her practice has evolved as a result of her own healing and awareness journey through the three modalities of yoga, Ayurveda, and massage. Yoga strengthens the body and calms the mind, Ayurveda teaches about right diet and seasonal routine, and massage enhances all bodily functions.

Specializing in Ayurvedic bodywork, she uses the treatments to help balance the governing energies of Vata, Pitta and Kapha - the body's innate systems of communication (nervous system), transformation (digestive system) and structure (musculoskeletal system).

With a diverse background she offers:

  • Private, semi-private and group classes at Yoga East as well as in her home
  • Massage therapy and Ayurvedic bodywork treatments
  • Individual Ayurvedic consultations
  •  Ayurvedic workshops and seasonal Ayurvedic cleansing programs

All are tools to restore a sense of balance, health and happiness in your life. By combining ancient wisdom with contemporary reality, she can cultivate awareness towards your lifestyle, diet and exercise habits, rest, relaxation and spiritual practice and how these can impact your overall health. Betty offers simple, sensible and practical recommendations for all those open to taking responsibility for their own well-being. The rewards yield balance, peace of mind and inner beauty that radiates for the world to see.

For more info on Betty's practice go to Refuge Healing Arts and you can follow her on Instagram at @refugehealingarts

Betty’s humble and compassionate personality creates an environment of warm acceptance. She has the most delightful way of weaving morsels of her vast knowledge into every class as she encourages and challenges both the experienced and novice yogi simultaneously. Her approach of isolating postures and using props is deceptively challenging and has given me a much deeper understanding and appreciation of both the purpose and difficulty of each pose.
— Francie Osgood
Betty is, “Totally Accepting”
— Jody Jansen