Carol Allen, 200 RYT

Carol is fantastic. She has helped me with a muscle disorder, total knee replacement and a torn Achilles tendon. She is patient and ensures that students are always in a safe posture. In addition, she is an excellent meditation leader with an in-depth knowledge of meditative practices. She understands the lifecycle of the cosmos and leads her students in postures to balance the effects of the changing cosmic energies.
— Paul Bilodeau

This question was posed in a yoga class at a gym in Portsmouth in 1999: “Can you imagine practicing together when we’re 80”. Thirteen years later Carol Allen can answer with a resounding “yes”! The physical, mental, ethical and spiritual practices of yoga have carved pathways of peace, strength and well being that she could not have imagined possible. Carol has practiced at Yoga East since its earliest days in a gym in Portsmouth.

Through Yoga East, Carol has had the opportunity to study with Nancy Gilgoff, Donna Farhi, Sharath, Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini and Bhavani Maki. She also completed a 100 hour Yin Teacher Training with Paul and Suzie Grilley and 150 hours of training in Para Yoga with Rod Stryker. Carol met her Guru, Baba Harihar Ramji (Babaji), when he came to speak at Yoga East and by his grace was accepted as an initiate in the Aghor Yoga tradition. Babaji guides her spiritual practices. Carol is humbled, honored and grateful to have the chance to share the gifts of yoga and to practice together until we are (at least) 80.

Carol is exceptionally talented in her approach to teaching. Her students are invited to practice with mindfulness, learning not only the physical benefits of each posture but also the important energetic effects of the poses. She empowers us to integrate our own energy with the swirl of the larger energies around us. As a result, the wisdom in Carol’s teaching encourages us to seek harmony, balance and a deeper commitment to living with loving kindness, both on and off the mat.
— Roddy Cole