Marcia Kramer, 200 RYT

Marcia provides detailed verbal instructions for each miniscule movement of my muscles, and she offers philosophical commentary from many sources. But she doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the path that she describes, sharing her love of life. Marcia always meets me where I am, providing guidance no matter what I bring to class, whether challenge or joy. Marcia is one of the many gifts that I’ve found at Yoga
— Neil Portnay

Marcia has been a practicing and dedicated student with Yoga East since 1999.  She has had the privilege to study with Kimberly Dahlmann and the teachers at Yoga East, as well as continuing her development and practice through yearly workshops with other master teachers like Beryl Bender Birch, John Campbell, Nancy Gilgoff, Bhavani Maki, Eddie Modestini & Niki Doane, and David Swenson to name a few.  Vipassana meditation and the teachings of Baba Harihar Ramaji, “Babaji,” of the Sonoma Ashram, compliment her asana practice.

Marcia said, “The first time I went to a yoga class, I just watched a full primary series class, so I could see what yoga was like.  All the students seemed to be beautifully synchronized, moving with fluid movement, and relaxed.  My desire for practicing yoga started that day and has grown each day since.”  Knowledge through her own yoga path and experiences are brought forth and shared, so other practitioners may have that “AHA” moment in their practice.  Each breath is an opportunity to realize an awareness of how our body integrates with life’s constant changes on and off the matt, and to connect with our own inner peace and joy.

I have studied with Marcia many times over the past 4 years. She has a very calming and thoughtful approach to her instruction, with great hands-on adjustments. She also does a very good job of integrating insightful readings during savasana.
— Paul Cunningham