Martha Stolzer, 200 RYT

Martha started practicing at Yoga East 10 years ago, after trying out a few other styles of yoga.  She did not know what Ashtanga yoga was at the time, and found the first class challenging physically and emotionally.  Her practice progressed very gradually for several years. During that time she took private sessions with Kimberly and began to realize the power of yoga to transform the way she thought and felt.  The practices were the embodiment of the universal spiritual principles of balance, acceptance and connectedness that bring about a sense of peace and ease. 

Since retiring from 28 years as a small business owner, she developed an interest in seeing how yoga might help those struggling with all forms of addiction.  She intuitively feels that by addressing a disease that affects the body, mind and spirit with a practice that heals the body, mind and spirit that unresolved trauma and addiction can be released.

Martha participated in the 100 hour Yoga immersion in 2015 to help establish a deeper commitment to her personal practice and completed the 200 hour RYT training with Kimberly in 2016.  She has also trained to be a facilitator of  Y12SR groups, which uses yoga and the 12 step philosophy to aid in recovery from addiction and relapse prevention. She has spent years studying meditation from several wonderful teachers, including Pema Chodron, Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield.