Mary Rice, 500 RYT

Mary’s yoga classes are a must for me. She incorporates good physical form with the spiritual principles so important to the Ashtanga practice. Her Mary Oliver readings during savasana inspired me so much I obtained the book myself.
— Tom Sorrentino

Mary has been practicing yoga since 2004 and received her 200 hour Teacher Training Certificate in 2011 from Kimberly Dahlmann. In May of 2006, after finding her way to Yoga East, Mary wrote in her journal, “I give myself up to the yogic path.” She knew that she had found what she was seeking physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Mary sees life as a continuing search for personal growth and the yogic path as central to that process.

Mary is sincerely grateful to have found yoga. Her teachers, students, and the Yoga East community are her blessings. She fondly remembers the teachings of Lona Kovacs, Jason Varney and Karen Rafferty. Mary has had the privilege of attending various training's and workshops with Kimberly Dahlmann, Nancy Gilgoff, Bhavani Maki, David Swenson, Josh Summers, Eddie Modestini, Nicki Doane and Kofi Busia.

Mary believes that each day is a gift, and yoga in one’s life is a sweet and profound miracle.

How lucky we are to have this warm, genial teacher at Yoga East. Her classes are disciplined, well-paced, thoughtful, and once in a while humorous. I love to chat with her before and after class.
— Jay Goldsmith
As a beginning student of yoga, Mary has made the transition very enjoyable. She is positive, encouraging and willing to answer questions. Her led classes are a fantastic balance between challenging and confidence building. I look forward to every class of hers that I am able to attend.
— Nancy Godfrey