Attending Tammy’s half primary class has strengthened my physical and mental practice. Tammy’s strong attention to alignment, connection to breathe awareness, and focused cues leave me invigorated and inspired. Her authenticity and love for the practice radiate through her teaching.
— Erica Hoven

Tammy is a professional photographer who came to Ashtanga Yoga in 1999 to find balance and stillness. She found a reflection point between photography and Yoga. As a photographer, she captures images, observes others, and documents history. Tammy has come to understand that by breathing through challenging situations, the self discipline of practice and increased self awareness the quality of her life and work has been changed forever.

Tammy has studied with David Swenson, Nancy Gilgoff and completed Tim Miller's teacher training program in 2005. When she was asked to teach Yoga two years ago, she saw it as an opportunity to observe others, history, and the tradition coming back full circle. Like Surya Namaskara when we bow to the sun, Tammy teaches balance and stillness to the students as an expression of gratitude.

Many thanks to Tammy for taking the amazing photos for this site! Please visit her at to learn more about her photography services.

Tammy’s deep understanding of yoga comes from many years of dedicated practice. As a teacher, she has inspired, supported, and encouraged me to step on my mat no matter what is happening in my body or in my life.
— Betsy Humphreys
Tammy approaches her adjustments with knowledge and confidence. She readily explains what she is doing and why focusing me on breath, bandhas and drishti when entering these asanas and offers encouragement when I’m hesitant. And oh, those delicious mini head and neck massages! Enough to make me drool in savasana.
— Marcia Tibbetts