Victoria Veilleux, 200 RYT

Victoria's first encounter with yoga was meditation, which she began practicing in 1998. At the time, it was one of the few "spaces" where she found stillness as an avid runner, competitive tennis player, and a Reebok aerobics instructor - teaching everything from high-impact aerobics to water aerobics. From this meditation practice grew her appreciation for how yoga went beyond the physical, through its power to build strength and calm from within. Her career as a travel, health, and wellness writer exposed her to yoga practices around the world, including India, where she would be inspired to spend more time on the mat. Meeting Kimberly Dahlman at Yoga East, she immediately knew that she had encountered a mentor who could help her gain a deeper knowledge of the physical practice, while maintaining a connection to yoga's spiritual underpinnings. She received her 200 RYT certification at Yoga East, feeling honored to have benefited from Kimberly's meticulous eye for alignment and safety as well as her time-honored insight into teaching.

Victoria continued her training through Childlight Yoga®, where she studied how to teach poses and principles through play, stories, and songs. Having also taught children's tennis and swimming lessons for many years, she loves the energy and fun (and unpredictability!) that kids bring to learning new things. And as a mother of twin 5-year-old girls, she has honed her knack for connecting with kids at their level, inspiring giggles and building kids' love for yoga on a foundation of fun.