Karen Joy Wharton, 200 RYT

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Karen Joy took her first Ashtanga yoga class at O2 Yoga in Rye in 2000. Immediately, she felt like she’d returned home. Since that day, she has put sincere effort into practicing yoga and has received the blessing of the practices supporting her through life’s ups and downs. Eventually her practices led Karen Joy to teach. She took her 200-hour RYT training with Kimberly Dahlmann and her Yin yoga and meditation training with Josh Summers.  She remembers teaching her first Ashtanga class in 2006 at Back Bay Yoga in Boston, just like it was yesterday!

Karen Joy loves teaching Yin and Meditation because it’s what people want and need. Life today can be focused on the Yang (go-go-go), and Yin yoga (stillness) is the antidote. In addition, Karen Joy appreciates the strength building and balance inherent in the Ashtanga practice, and is grateful to have it as her foundation and regular source of inspiration. She inspires you to learn the methods and to get to know yourself better, to find your practice, as you know yourself better than anyone else.

Karen Joy lives in York, Maine with her husband and daughter and works part-time in the Microbiology Lab at York Hospital. She offers classes in Yin & Meditation, Ashtanga, Yoga Alchemy and Aromatherapy Meditation. She also runs her own essential oil business educating & empowering people to take good care of themselves. To see what Karen Joy is up to, check out: joyofyogaandwellness.com