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Take time this summer to join one of the many Yoga East teachers as they share a creative and fun class set to different themes.  Classes will be popping up all summer long so don't miss exploring your practice in a whole new way.  

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Savoring Summer
With Betty Moylan
Wednesday, August 8th 630-8pm

An Ayurvedic yoga practice to settle the mind and dispel excess heat.

Summer is the predominant season of the fire element.  We see the intensity in the colors of red, orange and yellow in the environment.  Common symptoms we may experience are sunburn, burning eyes, slow appetite, increased thirst and more rajas (activity) in the mind. It is important to carefully manage the fire and water elements that exist in the body (pitta dosha) during this time of year, as well as prepare for the changes in the next few months. 

This asana practice will focus on reducing heat in the body and calming and grounding the mind. All levels welcome.