Pop up Classes

With Rotating Yoga East Teacher
$20 members
$25 non-members

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Take time this summer to join one of the many Yoga East teachers as they share a creative and fun class set to different themes.  Classes will be popping up all summer long so don't miss exploring your practice in a whole new way.  

Explore the Chakras
With Mary Rice
Wednesday, July 18th 630-8pm

Come explore the Chakras with a special focus on Anahata Chakra, the Chakra of the Heart.  Through discussion, meditation, pranayama, chanting, and asana, we will connect with the inner flow of Prana, this energy like the breeze traveling the forest of the body and soul.

Explore and Restore the Lower Back
With Misa Erder
Wednesday, July 25th 630-8pm

Almost all of us have had lower back pain at some point in our lives. Yoga can be an enormous help to this common complaint. This dynamic pop-up workshop will combine active poses that are intended to stretch and strengthen with longer held poses with a restorative focus. Spend time thinking about and actively focusing on the lower back. Come away from the workshop with key poses for your yoga toolbox and deepen your Svadhyaya, self-study. You may develop some relief in this pivotal part of the body and a deep sense of relaxation.

This class is intended for students with moderate back pain or who want to develop and deepen their understanding of their body and have been cleared for exercise by their doctor. This class is not for those with severe pain. Please send an email to info@yogaeastyoga.com when you sign up if you have any specific concerns.

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Yin & Yoga Nidra
With Anna Koriath
Sunday, July 29th 4-530 pm

This class will offer an opportunity to cultivate calm, balance and softening in the body.  We will use the gentle, meditative practice of yin yoga to prepare our physical, mental and energetic bodies for the experience of Yoga Nidra, a 45-minute guided meditation designed to reinforce the neurological pathways of relaxation.  Practitioners of Yoga Nidra leave feeling rested and refreshed.  Take some time out of your busy summer schedule to relax and go within.