Seacoast Ayurveda Network (SAN)

With Betty Moylan and Lauren Varney

Saturday, September 16th 1130-2
Balancing Vata to Stay Healthy and Strong During the Change of Seasons
Sunday, October 1st 1- 5 pm
Fall Rejuvenation Cleanse
(lunch provided)

Saturday, December 2nd 11:30-2
Surviving the Holiday Rush with Ayurveda

Balancing Vata to Stay Healthy and Strong During the Change of Seasons 
Fall welcomes us with change.  We feel changes in the weather with cooler nights and drier, windy days. We see the leaves on trees change in their color.  Our summer of fun and activity is replaced with work or school schedules.  We see the days get shorter, and the fruits of the late harvest change. 

As we begin to make preparations to our homes for the coming winter, we feel a shift in our bodies as well.  Our skin gets drier, we may be more prone to colds or allergies, or begin gaining weight due to excess heat accumulated over the summer.

This workshop will address specific Ayurvedic solutions to address vata and seasonal change, and allow you to transition into fall with ease. What more could you want?!


Fall Rejuvenation Cleanse
One of the fundamental principles of Ayurveda is that our lifestyle, habits, and diet choices should ebb and flow with the seasons (called ritucharya).

For optimum winter wellness, it is essential to reset your body and mind by removing impurities, excess heat and sluggishness that has accumulated over the summer.

This home cleanse program will prime your system by providing a gentle detox to strengthen the digestive fire (agni) through a special diet of kitchari, the medicinal use of ghee and specialized herbs, a gentle purge, and self care practices. Differing from a spring cleanse, our goal is to build strong healthy tissue to enhance immune function and keep the nervous system calm and grounded.

You will be provided with instruction for making kitchari, ghee and a step by step protocol for the three phases of the cleanse.  Individual issues will be specifically addressed to allow access for everyone!

Self care supplies, ghee and herbs will be available for purchase: neti pot, nasya oil, tongue scraper, triphala, digestive herbs, and ghee. (Best to pre-order by September 20, at cash, check, and credit cards accepted)

$75 Fall Cleanse

Surviving the Holiday Rush with Ayurveda  
This workshop is the perfect pairing for a busy holiday season. Looking for ways to remain calm, balanced, and refreshed amidst the busyness of your holiday schedule? Look no further! Stress is a critical force behind imbalances in the body and mind, and each one of us is affected by stress differently. Join us to learn Ayurvedic practices to assist with recognizing, managing and relieving stress and it’s associated symptoms in the body and mind.

The Seacoast Ayurveda Network (SAN) is a group of people passionate in their quest for knowledge and sharing of Ayurveda.  Ayurveda is the 5000 year old Vedic healing system, viewed as both an art and science based on universal laws and rhythms of nature and how those apply to our own unique constitutions. The goal is ease and well-being in body, mind and spirit and to utilize the wisdom of self awareness and knowledge to prevent dis-ease.

The Seacoast Ayurveda Network (SAN) strives to provide authentic Ayurvedic education and resources to the seacoast community on alternative methods for living a healthy and responsible life through Ayurvedic workshops, consultations, bodywork treatments and general support.

SAN is excited to provide regular workshops at Yoga East. There is no better way to immerse yourself in an Ayurvedic lifestyle than by practicing svadyaya, or self study. Monthly learning opportunities at Yoga East are a great way to foster your svadyada practice, partake in discussion, get support and provide new insight and direction into your Ayurvedic journey.