Yoga for Grief

An Exploration of the Grieving Body & Mind

with Deana Cavan, RYT

Saturday, September 28th | 11:30am-1pm

Saturday, October 26th | 11:30am-1pm

Saturday, November 23rd | 11:30am-1pm

Suggested Donation | $25

We live in a society that represses the powerful emotions that are presented with grief. While the grieving process can be profoundly uncomfortable for both the bereaved and the witness (friend, family, colleague), it is actually normal and healthy for the griever to feel sad, depressed, angry, anxious, or any myriad of emotions.

We are simply unprepared to soothe ourselves or our friends when grief interrupts life. Often, we try to address our mental and emotional symptoms with therapy, but clearly there are also body-centered symptoms too: lethargy to dull aches, tightness in the chest cavity, shortness of breath, and sleeplessness or oversleeping.


Grief turns us inside out and upside down and so does yoga—compassionately, lovingly, individually—both bring us back to our true inherent nature.

This monthly 1.5-hour class is for anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one or wants to better support a close companion who is intensely grieving. It is also for those who may have not yet experienced a great loss, but realize that we almost all eventually will.

In essence, this class is for all humans that love deeply, because “grief is just love with no place to go.”


Grief is interconnected to many biological systems, and the physical body demands emotional release. Going into the darkest depths of grief is actually a radical opportunity to transform our awareness, but few of us realize that. Contemplating death can lead you down a spiritual path, toward sadhana, or a spiritual discipline. This can include physical movement and postures, breathing exercises, cleansing techniques, and meditation or relaxation, all of which will be woven into this class.