Yoga Sutras 101

With Laura Brogan
Saturday, January 26th
$20 members
$25 non-members

Are you curious about the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali but don't know where to start your exploration? Do you have a Sutra book and have done some study but want to start exploring the chanting? Have you heard your teacher chant or reference a Sutra in class and were intrigued, and want to learn more? Or maybe you have never heard of the Yoga Sutras, but are looking to deepen you Yoga practice? Come one, come all: Yoga Sutras 101 is for you.

The Yoga Sutras are nothing less than the manual for the practice of Yoga. Thousands of years old, their wisdom is as relevant today as in ancient times. Deliberately succinct, the 196 aphorisms, thread together to present us with a complete guide for practice, meditation, and life. Passed down in the oral tradition in the Sanskrit language, it is not necessary to know the meanings of each word to experience the powerful energy of chanting the Yoga Sutras. No prior knowledge of Sanskrit, the Yoga Sutras, or chanting is necessary.

In Yoga Sutras 101, we will start by learning to chant and explore the meaning of the first 4 Sutras. We will explore other Sutras relevant to your life and practice. Expand your practice and view of Yoga with this joyful chanting practice.

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